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Future Plans

On this page I'll be collecting ideas I want to pursue and (possibly unattainable) goals for social change


Comfortable parents' room

A clean, private and comfortable space for tired pregnant/breastfeeding parents, parents of young children, or people with energy limitations to have a nap or be restful in a quiet place.

Funding for replacement childcare

Travel is part of an academic's life and if you have children, then you will have to find childcare for them. Institutes should have funding available for this.

Relaxed productivity expectations

Parenting is a full time job (in addition to your paid job) and needs/time spent fluctuates over the 18+ years that you're required to care for a child, so inconsistent productivity should be expected.


Real inclusion

My dream is for all neurotypes to be as commonly known and accepted as personality types or star signs. 

Ready to use accommodations

Institutions could have accessibility software subscriptions as well as pairing up compatible officemates and sensory friendly offices.

Normalize working to your strengths

Encourage people to understand their strengths and weaknesses and try to find individual ways of working that play to their strengths.

Teams where individual weaknesses are supported by others' strengths 

Sometimes you will still have to do work that is difficult, but by working in wall-matched teams, we can support each other's weaknesses.

Quiet rooms at conferences (and hybridization)

Conferences can be incredibly overstimulating and large meetings can run all day, every day for more than a week. Many neurodivergents are overwhelmed by the second day of such a meeting and miss large parts of the conference just de-stressing. If conferences were fully hybrid and/or had quiet spaces, that would be hugely beneficial.

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