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Outreach and Public Education Experience (ongoing)

October 2021 - Present

Kapteyn Institute Children's program organizer

I create and manage the activities for Nacht van de Nacht, Landelijke Sterrenkijkdagen, Landelijke Zonnekijkdag, and Zpannend Zernike (Weekend van de Wetenschap) at the Zernike campus.


Astronomy courses for primary school children

I have developed a short (20 minute) basic astronomy/stargazing course for small children (ages 4-8) first held in March 2018 at two local (Dutch) primary schools. I incorporate an interactive, activity-based educational style to teach the students about the phases of the moon, the day/night cycle, and introduce them to the solar system. I can give this lesson in English or Dutch and have done 28 events as of April 2024. Collaboration with Biblionet Groningen since November 2022 and VRIJDAG in de Buurt since February 2024.

June 2022-Present

SparkLab collaboration

In collaboration with SparkLab (Nathalie Beekman), de Rijdende Popschool, Jonge Onderzoekers and others, we created an immersive and interactive exoplanetary experience for the village of Wehe-den Hoorn with exhibits designed by the primary school children culminating in an exposition on 27 September 2022. I provided scientific expertise and creative guidance for the children and the other collaborators. I continue to collaborate with this group creating scientific educational experiences for underprivileged children.

2014-2018, 2021-present

I volunteered at 17 public events. Most notably, I created and carried out the children’s program for Nacht van de Nacht in November 2021. Designed the activity, purchased supplies, and oversaw volunteers. In the years since, this has become my duty for the three major annual events. I also wrote/filmed social media spot for English-speaking audience for Zpannend Zernike and participated in an  Ask an astronomer session “Star formation & Astrochemistry” with Q&A.

November 2021-present

I am part of the organization team for Astronomy on Tap in Groningen. My main duties are creating the budget and writing questions for the pub quiz.

September 2021-present

I co-organize an online meeting for pre-tenure mothers in astronomy to discuss issues and support each other. Please contact me if you would like to join.


Skype a Scientist

The "Skype a Scientist" program connects scientists to classrooms from the youngest learners to second-chance high school students. I teach them about my work, answer their questions, and talk about my unusual career path. I have participated in 38 sessions as of April 2024.

Outreach and Public Education Experience (Past)

Kids Lecture about Archeoastronomy

March 2024

I gave the lecture “Sterren en Stenen, Archeoastronomie”, in Dutch at the Landelijke Sterrenkijkdagen at the Blaauw Observatory in March 2024.

High school student projects

September 2022-January 2024

I am often part of profielwerkstukken, career orientation interviews, internships, and other short projects with VMBO, HAVO, and VWO students.

Technasium Keuzecollege lectures

December 2022, February 2024

I gave a lecture about minerals in space for Technasium students from VWO schools in the north of the Netherlands and graded their completed projects and presentations.

Weekendschool lesje

December 2022, December 2023

I gave a lecture about light and telescopes with several activities for Weekendschool students (ages 10-14). The presentation can be viewed here.

Sterrenkunde bij de Bieb (Het Hoogeland)

March/April 2023

Lessons at local (Appingedam, Delfzijl, Eenrum) libraries including the Solar System dance, craft, and open Q&A.

Talk about Neurodivergence in Academia

January 2023

I gave a talk at my institute about Neurodivergence and ADHD with a goal of increasing awareness and advocating for work accommodations. The presentation is here.

Lecture for the FSE Honors College

January 2023

Invited to give a lecture for the Honors College students at the University of Groningen Faculty of Science and Engineering. I spoke about astrochemistry and the origin of life and you can see the presentation here.

Sterrenkunde bij de Bieb (Westerkwartier)

November/December 2022

Lessons at local (Groningen Westerkwartier) libraries including the Solar System dance, craft, and open Q&A.

Interview with ukrant

October 2022

I was interviewed at the public eclipse viewing party held on the roof of the Groningen Forum on 25 October 2022. The video can be found here:

Interview with

October 2022

Interviewed for a public information article about stargazing for tween/teen girls. “Noord, oost, zuid of west: zó bekijk jij de sterren het best”

Interview with OogTV for Zpannend Zernike

October 2022

In preparation for the events organized at the Kapteyn Institute and SRON, I was interviewed by OogTV (

Lezing at KNVWS Leeuwarden

March 2022

I was invited to give a lecture for the KNVWS Gemma Frisius. This lecture was on the subject of astrochemistry and the origin of life and was given in Dutch. You can see the presentation here

Lustrum speaker for HCSA (RuG)

April 2021

I was invited to give a lecture for the lustrum celebration of the Honours College Social Association (HCSA) at the University of Groningen. You can see the presentation here

NASA GSFC Outreach volunteer


NASA GSFC runs several high-profile outreach events during the year. I volunteered at 11 events including International Observe the Moon Night, Earth Day, running demonstrations at AwesomeCon in Washington D.C., and the Apollo 50th anniversary event on the National Mall.

NASA Science: Solar System Exploration interview feature

March 2019

The interview can be read here.

Letters to a Pre-Scientist (LPS)

2019-2020 School Year

LPS is a pen-pal program connecting middle school students (age 12-14) from disadvantaged backgrounds to real scientists. Every letter is one-on-one and gives the scientist the opportunity to explain their science, their educational path, and obstacles they have overcome.

Perio'diek Article


I wrote a popular science article about astrochemistry for the university magazine Perio'diek (Issue 2018-1).

Heroes of Physics

February 2018

A Dutch (NWO) initiative to feature tweets from different physicists presenting them as accessible and sharing their work and perspectives. Twitter memory here.

Girls Day

April 2016

A Dutch initiative connecting high school aged Dutch girls with female scientists to inspire them to work in science. I answered questions about my science and lifestyle through Skype.

Preparing to teach my Solar System lesson to a group of 4 and 5 year olds.
Me and some students practicing being planets and moons.
Group3 students ready to learn about the Solar System.
Some students demonstrating the size difference between Jupiter and the Earth.
Jupiter's Great Red Spot is about the same size as the Earth
Posing with a cartoonish picture of a telescope in front of a moon scene on International Observe th
Orion Nebula sticker activity. 5 circles with Art of the Orion nebula overlaid on 2 optical photos o
The submillimeter stand from Landelijke Sterrenkijkdagen. I am explaining submillimeter wavelengths
The submillimeter stand from Landelijke Sterrenkijkdagen. I am explaining submillimeter wavelengths
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