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Neurodivergent academic support


European Astronomical Society (EAS) - Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Advisory Group

Within this group I advocate for accessibility and accommodations for neurodivergent academics, as well as students who have an interest in science.

At EAS 2023 I gave a talk about this and participated in a panel about improving diversity in Astronomy. For EAS 2024, I am part of the organizing committee and will be chairing our special session "Diversity for the Advancement of Science"

International Astronomical Union (IAU) - Equity and Inclusion Working Group 

This is one of the largest working groups in the IAU. Within the group, I am a co-chair of the disabilities and impairments sub-working group representing neurodiversity and mental health (since May 2023).

I will give a presentation about neurodiversity in academia at the 2024 IAU General Assembly.


University of Groningen Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE)

I collaborate with the DEI and PIE teams within the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the Center for Learning and Teaching.

At the Education Festival in March 2024, I gave a short talk and participated in the panel - "The role of STEM education in a changing world". My talk can be found here.

In October 2024, I will give a workshop at the Diversity Days - Your personal background and using your strengths to support others.

Wondering Zoe

I was a guest on Zoe Ye's podcast talking about ADHD and academia.

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