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My outreach materials

Available for Download

Solar System - bodies

Large pdf (125MB) with planets, dwarf planets, and some moons all to scale. (Print size A0)

Solar System - extra

Extra material for when larger groups including various space missions and extra copies of the moons (because they get lost/taken a lot)

Solar System - script (English)

My basic script in English with instructions for the instructor.

Solar System - script (Arabic)

My English script as translated into Arabic by a native Arabic-speaking astronomer.

Solar System - script (Farsi)

My English script translated into Farsi by an Iranian native Farsi-speaking astronomer.

Orion Nebula sticker activity

Worksheet plus 5 stickers (digital art by Olivia Harper Wilkins). This activity is used to explain different telescopes and what astronomers see with different wavelengths of light.

Orion Nebula Information sheets

Information pages in Nederlands and English to go with the sticker activity (28 MB)

Orion Nebula worksheet

Fill-in-the-blank Worksheet corresponding to information on the information sheets for the Orion Nebula sticker activity (28 kb). The zip file contains a file with worksheets in Nederlands and English and a file with the answers filled in.

Physical ALMA datacube

A physical representation of an ALMA datacube using real ALMA data. This PDF can be printed on cardstock to show how ALMA data works and learn about astrochemistry.

I am also looking for fellow science communicators who are native speakers of Dari, Indonesian/Malay, Somalian, Turkish, or Tigrinya. My goal is to have my lessons translated into the most spoken refugee and immigrant languages in the Netherlands so that those children can also enjoy some astronomy outreach.

I'm also happy to receive any translations that you might be willing to put time into.

Please contact me if this is something you would be interested in!

Astronomy outreach resources

ALMA kids

Downloads from the ALMA Observatory

Why Astronomers Want to Use ALMA

Short videos for 8 years+ students about how radio astronomy works as well as interesting astronomical phenomena.

Astronomy Activities by Martha Irene Saladino

Lots of nice astronomy activities for children.

NASA education resources

A collection of activities, games, and explanations from NASA communicators and scientists. (even more here)

Stellarium web

An online interface for the Stellarium planetarium software. Bonus: it has the option to use constellation maps from ancient cultures! Onderwijs

Astro outreach resources in Dutch

AstroEDU from IAU 

Peer reviewed astronomy education activities

National Informal STEM Education Network

Activities and resources from NISE


Sonification practices in astronomy for accessibility.

Tactile Universe

Tactile models of astronomical objects for accessibility. Lots of free 3D printable models and lesson plans

Network for Astronomy School Education

Lots of activities here with translations into over 20 languages.

IAU Office of Astronomy for Development

Resources collected by the IAU for outreach, education, and improving lives through astronomy.

Star Lore (Judy Volker)

A huge collection of sky myths that can be used to connect to cultural astronomy.

Europlanet Society educational resources

Planetary science and solar system activities collected by Europlanet.

Jeux : à la découverte de l'Univers (Liege)

Very creative activity ideas (in French) including games, jewelry, and recipes.

Universe Awareness

No longer updated, but there are still lots of useful resourses in 6 languages.

Open Science and Education


Framework for Open and Reproducible Research Training - encourages open science practices in research as well as teaching these practices in schools (pedagogies).

Lecturers Without Borders (LeWiBo)

Connects scientists interested in public engagement with local schools while they are traveling to conferences

Transition Makers Toolbox

Activities created to work on Individual Development Goals -- an idea parallel to Sustainable Development Goals. These improve individuals skills and wellbeing.

Sustainable Development Goals

Worldwide social goals from the UN


Unesco's recommendations on open science

Universal Design for Learning  (UDL)

CAST's website explaining UDL and methods for inclusive teaching

Astrochemistry resources


Keeps track of all the molecular species that have been detected and has Astro-Molecule of the Month.

Collection of links relating to all three branches of astrochemistry

Astrobiology at NASA

News and missions related to life in the universe

Astrochemistry with ACS

An informative page about astrochemistry as a field and career from the American Chemical Society


Excellent database for sub-mm and radio spectral line IDs

Astrochemistry Discussions

Talks, posters, and webinars

Who's who of Astrochemists

The professional contact details and Twitter handles of as many astrochemists as possible

Astrochemistry Coffee

A podcast of astrochemical results


ALMA observatory

A great starting page hosted by ESO for the public and scientists alike.


Starting page for news and images from JWST

Japanese Virtual Observatory (ALMA archive)

A fantastic GUI for browsing ALMA archival data


An app for viewing archival data from many observatories

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