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Astrochemist Veronica Services

Science translation and communication

Outer Space

Astronomy lessons
Sterrenkunde lesjes

I charge an hourly tariff of €45 (excl. BTW)

Lessons typically last 1-2 hours (plus 1 hour for set up and clean up).

I can give the lessons listed here / hier or create something new on an astronomical topic of your choice.

We do a related craft after the lesson, which comes with material costs (typically €10-30).


If you or your organization doesn't have funding for such activities, please contact me and we can work something out!

The most important thing is spreading positive experiences with science and a love of the universe!

Proposal figures

It can be beneficial to make your research ideas and proposal plans understandable to non-experts. As you are not guaranteed reading committee members from your field, you will benefit from graphics that make your plans clear and understandable.

I create these graphics using various types of software and iterate with you until we agree that I have created a figure that is true to your science, while maximizing understanding.

This is quicker for astronomical topics, but I have also created figures for geology, chemistry, and biology projects and I'm always happy to try something new!

My hourly tariff for this is €50 (excl. BTW).

Paper Leaves Cutouts
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